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The green power and champion juicers are our main products

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The classified ad section was created to help individuals sell their old juicer or other related health appliance and to help prospective buyers get a good deal. (Please consider a new appliance, we sell them at up to 35% off retail prices!)

For Buyers
We make no implied or expressed warranties on items advertised  in our classified system.  The transaction is completely between two private parties.  Please be sure you feel comfortable with the other party involved in the transaction, and ask them if they guarantee the unit is working.  Please be sure to read our disclaimer for this classifieds site. You can browse the ads by clicking View Ads at the bottom of this screen.

For Sellers
Advertisements are accepted from private parties only.  We reserve the right to remove your advertisement if we deem it is not appropriate.  Your advertisement will run for 60 days, or until you let us know your item is sold. Post your ad FREE off charge.

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The green power and champion juicers are our main products

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