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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer e-mails almost every day, and answer many questions time and time again. Please see most of the common questions that we answer in the faq. If your question is not answered here, please contact us!


  • What is a better blender? The vitamix or the champ blender?
  • Have you heard of the VitaMixer? What do you think about it?
  • How is the Champ Blender for cleaning- can you clean it without disassembling?

    What is a better blender? The vitamix or the champ blender?
    I believe both blenders are about equal. I have used the Champ HP 3 and the Vitamix 4500 blender side by side for testing, and I can say they produce about the same result, when I made smoothies and ground flax seeds into powder. I can say that the vitamix container did hold a bit more (was larger). The vitamix stays on until you turn it off, whereas the champ has timed cycles, and will automatically cut off after a programmed amount of time. They are BOTH very powerful blenders, and beat the pants off department store blenders.. I personally liked the champ because it seemed I could control the speed much better... It has 10 speeds and I could SEE on the readout how FAST the blender was going (nice for us techie types). With the vitamix 4500, there was only LO and HI speeds. The ktec also has a longer warranty, and 3 peak horsepower.

    Have you heard of the VitaMixer? What do you think about it?
    The vitamixer is a great blender. I feel it makes a poor juicer, here is why: It combines the fiber and the juice. The juicers we sell separate the fiber from the juice. The purpose of juicing is to separate the juice from the fiber so the body can more easily and better digest (quickly) the nutrients in the juice. Fiber slows down the whole digestion process and requires energy from the body (have you ever felt tired after eating a thanksgiving meal?). When drinking juice (with no fiber) your body can absorb the nutrients quickly - within 30 minutes). Fiber is important in a diet, and should be eaten at a different time. Please feel free to check out a few articles on juicing and selecting a juicer if it should interest you.

    How is the Champ Blender for cleaning- can you clean it without disassembling?
    The carafe is one piece, so it is easily washable. There is just the carafe and the top that needs to be cleaned. So no disassembly is required. The manufacturer suggests putting a little dish detergent and water in the blender and then the top, and turning it on.

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