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Food PANtrie - Solar Food Dryer and Sprouter

The Food PANtrie is a food dryer
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Enrich your family's diet with a hanging, natural food garden -in your kitchen.

It's amazingly simple to use. There are no fans. No electric cords. No noise. The Food PANtrie uses foolproof methods for preserving and growing foods perfected thousands of years ago. And, this unique food system does it year round, even in your kitchen.

Hassle free.
While other dryers and sprouters take up valuable kitchen counter space, all that the Food PANtrie takes up--thanks to the hook--is air space. food PANtrie hookWhat this gives you is an assurance that your Pantire will be used. Since it's always there hanging in an out-of-the-way place in your kitchen, you always have fast, convenient access.

Fast, Even Drying.
The Hanging Food PANtrieWhen it comes to drying food, nothing beats the PANtrie. Since it's hanging in the air, the trays can now be spaced much- farther apart than trays sitting on the counter. This allows the natural convection currents of warm air to rise and circulate with little restriction. As a result, the food dries almost as fast as electric driers, and much more evenly.

Silent Drying
There are no motors, no fans, and no sounds of rushing air to annoy your ears, hour after hour.

Cleaner Food
Without the need for forced air, the Food PANtrie avoids sucking in dust particles floating in the air. Also, the dryer has a roof and protective fine-mesh netting for keeping most incidental dust off your food. The result? Your moist, sticky food becomes dry without getting covered in dust.

More Nutrients
Most electric dryers operate at temperatures between 110 and 160 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the maximum drying temperature "should range between 95 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit -- not more than 110." The Food PANtrie's open design, keeps the food the same temperatue as the surrounding air, thus avoiding the break down of food nutrients that are vital to your health. You end up feasting on food with its "life-force" intact.

It's a Sprouter too!
The Food PANtrie is a sprouter!It's one thing for a dryer to preserve food. But how about a dryer that grows food , too? That's the Food PANtrie.

It allows more seeds to sprout than conventional methods since the seeds are exposed to more air.

Slice Food, place on tray, and let the sun or warm air do the rest. Use inside or out.   Perfect for use in the summer time outside, so you can use solar power to sun dry your food, and keep the bugs out.  Also works inside too. 

Food PANtrie grows sproutsSpread seeds on tray, soak overnight in water, place tray in rack, and let Mother Nature do the rest.

Compact Size
The Food PANtrie is compactWith its hook, the Food PANtrie hangs anywhere: (kitchen, garage, orchard, patio, motor home, etc.) giving you a
full 5 square feet of drying space per dryer. In storage, it's only 3 x 15 x 15 inches.

Easy to clean
The food PANtrie is easy to clean!And easy to store. The trays are made from bendable, almost indestructible polypropylene and are designed for lifelong service and dishwasher-safe cleaning.

Free Book
It gets better. Each dryer comes with its own instruction book on how to dry and grow food, year round. learn how to dry fruits and vegetables, grow sprouts, and even how to use your dryer to earn money. Build a home based business by selling your dried food to a cooperative.

The best of both worlds!
For sprouts with the highest nutritional value, grow wheat grass -- the Food PANtrie way. No soil is needed. Eat the whole thing: sprout, root, and the husk (for fiber).

Get natural, hassle free food drying and sprouting for your family, anywhere you want: inside and ouside your home. Best of all, you can even start a business.

So just think. With both dried and fresh natural foods, you now have a system for meeting the complete nutritional needs of your family.

Warranty Information
The Food PANtrie comes with a 1 year Unconditional Guarantee on workmanship and materials.

Need further information about this product?  Click here to view the manual for this product.

Customer Reviews of this Product
Drying and Sprouting April 11, 2006
Sprouting, Natural food drying October 10, 2006
wholesome living September 1, 2008
EXCELLENT!! May 20, 2011

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